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Commercial Cleaning

Facilities Management

A comfortable and inviting work environment is critical to employee satisfaction and customer impressions. If you find yourself not 100% with your current commercial cleaning service, ask us for a free walk-through consultation to see what white-glove service could look like in your office or facility space.


Why We’re Different

Everyone from our dedicated cleaners and quality supervisors to our owner is local, and takes pride in our work. Our cleaners are carefully screened for attention to detail, reliability, and a passion for helping others.

Sweep You Off Your Feet is managed as a boutique service specializing in individual client needs with the scale and experience of a nationwide cleaning service provider. We provide service to 1,000 square foot offices to 40,000 square foot production facilities… and everything in between.

Our customized cleaning plans can include; cleaning, inventory management, equipment, and light maintenance support.

If you’re tired of constant turnover in on-site cleaners, or a lack of pride and attention to detail in your current cleaning service it’s time to contact Sweep. Schedule your no-risk walk-through to learn how we will customize a cleaning plan for you.





Clean & Simple

A true partner in your cleaning needs, Sweep You Off Your Feet is more than just clean. Our emphasis on professional communication and management, high expectations and low staff turnover make a big impact with our clients.