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How It Works

Welcome to Laundry Liaison

In partnership with SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET.

You’re probably here because you don’t like doing laundry, you don’t have time to do laundry, or maybe there’s a reason you can’t do laundry, like a health issue. No matter the reason, we will get the job done!

Laundry Liaison is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. As a Laundry Liaison client, you will set out your dirty clothes in the morning and return home at the end of the work day to clean, folded (or hung) clothing ready to be put away… or stacked on that chair in your bedroom where you prefer it. Yeah, we know about the chair, you’re not the only one.

What to expect

Sort your clothing as you would like them washed. Typically, our clients provide clothing sorted by darks and lights, and also sort special or heavy materials separately. Place each sorted load into a laundry bag provided by Laundry Liaison or in a basket. The clothing will be washed as it is sorted, Laundry Liaison does not do additional sorting.

In your personalized communication with Laundry Liaison, let us know where you would like us to pick up and drop off your laundry. Some common places would be on a back porch; in the garage if you are comfortable giving us access; or even a spare key to enter your home, similar to giving a cleaning service access to your home.

Our team will stop by in the morning to collect your items to be cleaned. Your items will be washed as they are sorted, so we will put the bag or basket of clothes into a wash and dry cycle without additional preparation. If you have concerns regarding potential stains on a specific item we suggest you apply a stain pre-treatment before including it in your wash bag or basket.

Once clean, your items will be promptly folded or hung, based on your preference. Items are then placed in a clean clear plastic bag and sealed before being placed back into your Laundry Liaison bag or your personal basket. When you arrive home in the evening you will find your clean items in the same place you left your dirty items that morning, and they will be ready to be put away.

Laundry Liaison bags are required for weekly service, and can be purchased with your initial order on the Start Your Service Now page.

Please leave a comment on the checkout screen or in your communication with our team with any special instructions.

How do we wash darks

Cool water, warm dry

How we wash lights

Warm water, hot dry

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Terms of Service

Clean & Simple

A true partner in your cleaning needs, Sweep You Off Your Feet is more than just clean. Our emphasis on professional communication and management, high expectations and low staff turnover make a big impact with our clients.