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New Construction Cleaning

Builders + Homeowners

After everything is new and the dust settles, new construction homes and offices need a professional deep cleaning. Choose the local cleaner with a dedicated crew, products, and equipment to make your new construction job shine before move-in.


Why We’re Different

There is an excitement at the end of any new construction project as stakeholders work diligently to complete their work and turn the new space over to their client, typically under a tight deadline. Hiring a professional and experienced new construction cleaning service can make the difference in stressful final days for a builder or a smooth transition to handing over the keys.

With advanced training and guidance from our local site supervisors, our teams are typically in and out of a job in one day. Our professionals provide all supplies and have flexible schedules to meet the demands of your pending job completion.

If you’re a builder and have been cleaning yourself, or you’ve been using a cleaner you find yourself needing to clean up after… or worse yet, experience customer complaints… it’s time to contact Sweep for a quote on your next job.



Clean & Simple

A true partner in your cleaning needs, Sweep You Off Your Feet is more than just clean. Our emphasis on professional communication and management, high expectations and low staff turnover make a big impact with our clients.